Imagine what could happen if you created
your best food images.
Like, ever.

Edit cookbook worthy photos that will attract premium clients 🤤

Increase your traffic and engagement and turn your audience into your biggest fans 😍

Grow your business with polished images that will WOW your potential clients 
(and make them buy) 🤑

You can make it happen. TODAY.
And you're not on your own.
Our Editing Food Photography course is for YOU!

Stop spending HOURS in front of the screen


lightroom workflow

Save TONS of time with a solid workflow
Optimise the quality of your images for any platform

From shooting to optimising to delivering the final files, developing a system will save you hours of time and frustration. You will know exactly how to organise your image library, find your images at all times, create backups so you never lose your precious files and deliver the best quality to your clients

lightroom editing

Turn RAW into WOW
Easily edit in your unique style with a few clicks

Edit your images to make them POP! Learn the magic of the developing tools and panels in Lightroom. Craft your unique editing style with confidence and stand out from the crowd. Create your own presets to edit consistently and effortlessly.

local adjustments

Enhance your storytelling with the power of editing
Bring your creative vision to life every time

Give your global editing a boost with localised editing! Enhance some parts of your image by using brushes, filters, masks and other super powerful tools. Apply tonal and colour adjustments to the elements you need to stand out, refine your creative vision!

photoshop retouching for food photography

Make your images look like a million dollars
Overcome common shooting challenges

Achieve that polished, high-end look that will give your pictures a super professional appearance. Learn the techniques to overcome common challenges and achieve commercial quality results so you can make your clients happy and get paid more for your work!

" One-shop-stop for food photography.
This course includes techniques which you won't find easily if you're only learning with free resources "
Greta @theplatepixel
before and after food photographyb 101 - learn the fundamentals

And this is just the beginning…

Change colour of objects

The props are not the right shade? The colour didn't come out quite right in the recipe?
Your client wants the colour of their product to be true to their specific brand colour?
No problem! Learn this quick fix in Photoshop. Use this tool to create harmony in your colour palettes and help your styling really stand out!

before after editing in Photoshop food photography
change subject before after editing in Lightroom food photography

Merge multiple images into one stunning shot

Shooting several subjects and some die on set?
Want to create a table scene with multiple people but you're by yourself?
Want to get the perfect splash but end up with liquid all over your background and props?
Compositing is your solution!! This technique is so important in food photography, it will give you so much creative freedom and solve some major roadblocks.
Compositing is used in most commercial jobs so you can charge your clients more money for this skill!

What will you learn?


workflow to edit food photography - learn with a comprehensive course
organise Lightroom for food photography
editing Lightroom for food photography and fundamentals
local adjustments in Lightroom for food photography and fundamentals
editing food photography course advanced retouching
editing food photography course clean blemishes

Plus these BONUSES 🤩


Expert support & step-by-step guidance

Join our super active community where you can connect with others, share your struggles and find help. Find the inspiration and motivation to keep growing. Get accountability towards your goals to ensure that you make progress!

Photography inspiration and accountability

Creative rut? Feeling unmotivated? Questioning your abilities and the quality of your work? We're here for you! We keep each other motivated and help elevate each other so you don't lose the momentum.

Direct access to photography experts Laura & Giulia

Join our Q&A and check in calls and speak with Laura and Giulia who will answer your questions, give you personalised feedback and help you get unstuck at any point in your learning journey! You're not on your own!

Next level photos for better results in your business

You will learn how to create those amazing images you've been dreaming about.
Shoot with confidence, develop your unique style and achieve your photography goals faster! Attract your dream audience and turn them into clients

Clean blemishes, polish your food and refine your images

Could not find the perfect looking strawberry? Fingerprints and candle wax on your chocolate cake? Distracting elements in your scene and background?
Master different tools and techniques to clean imperfections, remove distractions and give your images that high-end look.

Losing spots - spot healing photoshop - Editing in Lightroom food photography
before after editing food photography

Enhance and shape light with local adjustments

Want your subject to really pop against the background?
Do you want more contrast and punch in your pictures?
Dealing with difficult light?

Use local adjustments and dodging & burning techniques to shape and define light.

" Food Photo Circle has been instrumental in my growth.
The courses are detailed and cover everything, this is one of the most interactive and informative courses available! "
Simone @simlovesplants
before and after taking food photography course

What's included in the
Editing Food Photography Course?



Join our supportive community of food photographers! Share your work to get detailed feedback, ask your questions, connect with others! We're here to celebrate your victories, help with your struggles, keep you inspired and guide you on your journey!

In Depth
Video Classes

Watch our video classes at your own pace and learn everything you need to know about food photography! We dive deep into every topic so you can learn systematically and reach your full potential! Stop wandering if there's more - we spare no details

Q&A and
Check-in Calls

As you advance on your learning journey you might face some challenges. You can rely on a mentor every step of the way!
Join our live calls and share your progress and struggles, we're here to help you get unstuck so you can achieve your goals faster!

Bonuses And
Course Updates!

Lots of educational resources, live webinars, live portfolio reviews, live social media audits, discounts on new products, mastermind and skillshare sessions... We're always adding resources and bonuses to our Circle to give you an incredible value bomb!!

Change the shape of objects

Wonky macarons? Your client's product has an irregular shape?
Did they deliver squished brioche buns for your burger?
Use tools like liquify to smooth out bumps, adjust curved lines and a lot more.

before after editing in Photoshop food photography
Extending background in p Photoshop - Editing food photography

Extend the background

Is your tile not big enough for your subject?
Do you want to create a wide storytelling scene but your background is too small? Does your client need more copy space around the subject?

Explore the tools that will make your life and your shooting process so much easier!

Is this the right course for you?


You are a…

Food Photographer

Food Blogger

how to shoot food photography on your smartphone

Content Creator & Influencer

Social Media Manager

Food Business Owner

Chef & Restaurant Owner

And you want to…

Step up the quality of your photos and attract your dream clients

Attract a loyal audience, grow your traffic and monetise your site

Shoot scroll-stopping images that spark engagement and drive followers

Create stunning SM grids that increase your credibility in the market

Increase your sales by promoting your products and services

Make your customers drool over your dishes and attract them to your venue

Who are your mentors?




Hey! I’m Laura and usually you can find me in the kitchen baking or in the forest or garden exploring and collecting new ingredients! I have a masters degree in law but I decided to become a professional photographer. Before I realised it, I got international recognition on my photography, I published photography eBooks & I started teaching photography to others!”

Ciao! I’m Giulia, I’ve been a professional food photographer for the past 10 years. I have worked with big advertising and commercial clients as well as food brands, restaurants and magazines. My background is in teaching so I mentor photographers of all levels. I am passionate about sharing knowledge and helping my students unleash their full potential!” 

Together, we combine the expertise of 2 professionals with 20+ years of experience and different skillsets to bring you the full picture on the world of food photography!,

Food Photographers Laura Kuklase & Giulia Verdinelli


editing for food photography course, food photography tips and tricks, learn food photography editing, retouching for food photography

editing for food photography course, food photography tips and tricks, learn food photography editing, retouching for food photography


Food Photo Circle worked together with National Geographics, Lidl, tesco, Pink Lady Food Photographer of the year!

How to join our course?


best food photography course

1. Enrol in the course

Get the course and give yourself a high five 🙌🏻
You're on the road to greatness!

2. Sign up to our community

Fill out your profile. Introduce yourself to the community and your mentors. Tell us your story!

3. Watch our video classes

Start learning at your own pace knowing that we're always here to help and answer your questions.

4. Log in and interact

The community is OURS! We all contribute by sharing knowledge and supporting each other!

" Food Photo Circle gave me the tools for fast and steady improvement. The interaction with the community is great, Giulia & Laura are very experienced and always available! "
Valeria @thesweetbit
before and after taking food photography course
Community Platform and Courses Food Photo Circle
Community Platform and Courses Food Photo Circle
Food Photo Circle Feedback
food photography portfolio tips, how to attract your dream food photography clients

How much do you need to invest?


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3 Payments of


Get access to:
Editing Food Photography course +

Our exclusive community +

All the bonuses!


learn how to use your camera in manual mode for food photography food photography tips and tricks learn food photography with manual mode course 

" Food Photo Circle is just what I needed to help me out of a creative rut. I now feel inspired again! The course provides assignments and actionable tips that can be implemented to improve your photography immediately "
Emily @resplendentkitchen
before and after taking food photography course
Community Platform and Courses Food Photo Circle
Community Platform and Courses Food Photo Circle
Community Platform and Courses Food Photo Circle



Food photographers, food bloggers, content creators, chefs, bakers, food brand owners… ANYONE!

If you want to save hours, start with a proven system and solid workflow and understand the concepts behind great editing this is the course for you! 

If you’re still unsure, reach out to us and we’ll help you figure out if this course is right for you 🙂

You’re not on your own, you can rely on a mentor every step of the way!
Unlike other courses, you get regular access to your mentors as well as a community of like minded people. 

 Join the many LIVE check-in calls where you can chat with Laura and Giulia, share your progress and ask for help on your struggles. 

You can also post your questions in the community platform where Laura, Giulia and other food photographers will personally answer. 

We’re here to help you get unstuck so you can achieve your goals faster!


Not necessarily!

You can definitely start with your phone!

A lot of the techniques you’ll learn in the courses are phone friendly and can be applied to editing apps on your phone (we recommend the Lightroom app).

However, some of the most advanced techniques are better applied to high resolution files shot with a camera.

Not necessarily!

The principles and techniques you’ll learn can be applied on your phone and tablet too.

However, for some more advanced editing techniques you’re going to need a laptop or a desktop computer. 
No need for the latest tech but something powerful enough to handle the Adobe suite.

The course includes around 8 hours of video classes that you can watch at your own pace! 
If you want to dive deep into all the lessons and watch them all straight away you can!
If you have a full time job and can only dedicate a little time a week, no problem!
You get lifetime access so you can learn without the time pressure and you can rewatch them as many times as you need.

You betcha! 
Everyone learns at a different pace so you can take it as slow or as fast as you want. And you can always come back to it to refresh your knowledge!
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