free food photography mini course for beginners

free food photography mini course for beginners

Stop shooting in the dark!


Business course for food photographers

Build an impactful, converting portfolio.
Attract dream clients who value your work

Your portfolio is what’s going to open the right doors for you. It’s about presenting the images in the most effective way to attract the right clients. Build a portfolio that reflects your creative style and will make your clients line up to work with you and pay whatever you ask.

make money with food photography

Be confident in your prices and in charging more. Achieve your ideal income working less time.

Stop undercharging for your images. Stop getting paid in "exposure". Get into the right money mindset. Set your income goals and develop a pricing structure that will make your business profitable. License your work for commercial use and boost your passive income so you can work less time

Business marketing course for food photographers

Reach premium clients with a solid marketing plan.
Work on big shoots with big budgets.

Stop getting ghosted after reaching out to brands and clients. Develop the commercial photographer mindset and use the right marketing strategies to attract high profile clients (with large budgets). 
Design a successful action plan to go after the big clients with confidence.

Business course for food photographers

Automate the paperwork and focus on being creative.
Look professional and save hours of headaches

Use templates to quickly and effortlessly take care of the boring business side of photography so you can focus on the fun creative part of shooting. Inspire trust in your client so they will feel confident working with you, paying your prices and not ask you for more than you agreed upon.

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"Working with Giulia was one of the best investments I've made in my business. She catered our mentoring sessions to my needs going above and beyond to help me figure out how to accurately (and confidently!) price my work , understand licensing and streamline my workflow all of which have been game changers for my business."
Business course for food photographers, make money with food photography, food photography portfolio
Ashley @grow.seedling

free food photography mini course for beginners

What will you learn?


build your food photography portfolio
Get paid for food photography
sell your food photography
Boost your food photography income
How to make money with food photography
Get your dream food photography clients

free food photography mini course for beginners

What do you get with the
Business Roadmap?


Complete On-Demand Training

Watch our video training at your own pace and learn everything you need to know to start and grow a thriving food photography business. We dive deep into every topic such as portfolio, pricing, contracts, negotiation, getting clients and more.

8 Bi-weekly Group Business Mastermind Sessions

Join the live group calls to talk about your progress and struggles. Get personalised advice from the group and your mentors. We share ideas, support and feedback to help you get unstuck so you can achieve your goals faster.

become a professional food photographer

3 one-on-one Business Mentoring Sessions

One the first session at the start of the program, you'll get clarity on your goals and an action plan to achieve them. We will use the other calls to address any specific issue you encounter while executing the plan to keep you on track and motivated.

Templates & Resources

You will get customisable templates and spreadsheets for pricing, contracts, estimates, proposals, invoices and everything you need to run a successful business. This way you can automate the boring paperwork and feel confident with your business



Food Photo Circle worked together with National Geographics, Lidl, tesco, Pink Lady Food Photographer of the year!
"I loved our session this week! I felt like I was walking on air and for the first time really felt like I can crack this and there is a chance of making some good money! It has lifted me in a time when things seem to be falling apart. It’s a total delight and pleasure to have you as my mentor!!"
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Graham @graham_martin_food_photography
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Plus these BONUSES 🤩


become a professional food photographer

Fast-lane email support for help

You get preferential lane for feedback, help and guidance on your business journey. Need help crafting a proposal for your dream client? How to deal with a price negotiation? We help you navigate the day-to-day challenges.

Direct access to photography experts Laura & Giulia

Join our mentoring calls and speak with Laura and Giulia who will review your progress, give you personalised feedback and help you get unstuck at any point in your business journey! You're not on your own!

Personalised business advice and accountability

Portfolio feedback? Need help preparing for a shoot you just booked? Is your website well structured? Social media audit and strategy review?
You get clear, actionable steps to get you unstuck and accountability to follow through so you can move forward.

How much do you need to invest?


Pay per month


Pay in full & Save


learn how to use your camera in manual mode for food photography food photography tips and tricks learn food photography with manual mode course 



If you have a strong drive for improvement and a growth mindset, we’ll be a great fit!
If you don’t, we can help you get into the right mindset and fight that imposter syndrome – it’s possible!!

We are always very encouraging and supporting.
Be ready to work with someone enthusiastic and who is passionate about helping you grow!
We will push you to reach your full potential and hold you accountable.

HOWEVER, you have to be committed and willing to put in the work.
We will guide you every step of the way.

Giulia has a background in speech and language therapy, teaching children and adults with learning disabilities. 
This means that she can adapt her teaching style to suit your learning style so you can learn more efficiently and with less effort.

After running a successful photography business for 10+ years, she decided it was time for me to use her knowledge to help others succeed!
For the last 5 years she have been coaching and mentoring food photographers at every stage of their journey. 
Some of her students are successfully running their own photography business with great results! Others have used their photography skills to further develop their blogging or food based business.

Laura has 10+ years of experience as a successful blogger and social media marketer. 
She has worked with many brands through her social media channels and blog.

Make yourself some tea or coffee, grab a notebook and a pen and set your brain to “learning mode”!!

As you shoot and practise your photography and business, make a note of the challenges and struggles you run into so we can work on them together.

Each session is a 60 minutes video call either on Zoom, Google Meets or Skype.
We will cover the topic of the day in depth and We will answer all your questions as well. 
At the end of the session, we will give you homework and assignments so you can take action towards your goals.

The whole program takes 6 months to complete.
It includes around 8 hours of video content that y
ou can watch at your own pace.
We will have 3 one-on-one sessions of 60 mins each + 8 bi-weekly group calls of 60 mins each. 

Once your mentor, always your mentor.
You will access to us over email after the program ends.

We offer follow up sessions for support and Q&A at a discounted rate for our students and you can have as many and as frequently as you need.
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