Food Photography Social Media Audit


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Create a sticking social media presence
Grow an engaged audience and attract opportunities

Social media is a powerful marketing tool for food photographers who want to connect with your audience and turn them into clients.
Yes, it takes time and it’s very frustrating when the algorithm is always changing and nothing you try seems to work.

This is for food photographers, food bloggers, food business owners, content creators and social media managers who want to create a stunning social media presence on different channels and optimise their marketing strategy to save time, grow an engaged audience and attract clients.

The audit is divided in 3 steps:

STEP 1: before the call we will give you access to an on-demand masterclass where you will learn the fundamentals of social media and strategy. After applying these concepts, you will send us links to your social media channels.
We can audit your Instagram, Pinterest and TikTok accounts.

STEP 2: we have our first 60 minute call where we will analyze your goals and give you a personalised strategy that will help you grow your profiles and attract the right opportunities to allow you to make money with social media.

STEP 3: after 1 month, we’ll have a second 30 minute call to check your improvement and give you further steps to follow to keep growing your accounts and monetizing them.