Food Photography Portfolio Review & Business Strategy Call


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Build an impactful, converting portfolio that reflects your business goals and get it in front of the right clients.
Present your work with confidence so they will book you with confidence!

Your food photography portfolio is what’s going to open the right doors for you.
It’s about presenting the images in the most effective way to attract the right clients.

This portfolio review and strategy call is for food photographers who are committed about turning their skills into a profitable business, work with their dream clients and gain freedom in their lives.

Before the call you will send us your portfolio, it can be a link to your website or a PDF with a collection of your best images.
If you don’t have a portfolio, don’t worry!
We can discuss how to create one from scratch (even if you have never created a website before) and which platform to use to showcase it in the best way.

During this 90 minute call you receive in depth feedback on your portfolio and website.
You will get practical, actionable tips on how to improve your portfolio, how to grow it, what images you should have and how many, how you should structure it, how to arrange the images in the most impactful way, how to write an about me that speaks to your dream client, how to arrange your galleries and so much more.
We will also talk about how you can turn free portfolio shoots into paid client work.

You will also learn the next steps, how to present your portfolio in the best way and how to get it in front of the right people!


  • What images to include – what are the must haves
  • How to select the right images for your portfolio amongst the gazillion of images you shoot
  • How to showcase your unique style and set yourself apart from the competition
  • How to structure your portfolio in terms of galleries, categories etc
  • What pages to include in your website
  • How to arrange your layout in a cohesive way
  • The right way to shoot new work to update your portfolio and network at the same time
  • How to create a portfolio that helps you achieve your business and income goals
  • Make sure your portfolio speaks to the clients you want
  • How to turn free portfolio shoots into high paying clients
  • How to get your portfolio in front of the right clients
  • How to present your work to your clients with confidence 

You will leave the call with clarity and the further steps that you need to create a killer food photography portfolio that will help you skyrocket your business and a get bunch of new clients.