Shoot food photography with a flashgun


In this ebook you’ll learn how to shoot amazing food photography with a flashgun even in the darkest of restaurants!
This is your ultimate guide to easy flash photography.

With a cheap and portable flash setup you can get started with flash photography even if you don’t have budget or space.

You will learn 3 professional setups that you can take anywhere. These are the exact setups we use to shoot for clients like National Geographic, Lidl, and Michelin starred restaurants.

Learn the basics of flash photography and move onto more advanced lighting techniques with a proven step by step approach.

– Exactly what gear to buy and how to use it
– Camera settings for flash photography
– Flash settings for the right exposure
– Accessories that will shape your light
– 3 step-by-step setups for different light moods: bright and airy, dark and moody
– How to make light look how you want it
– How to edit flash photography

This ebook is your ultimate guide!


– Flash masterclass!
– How to shoot action shots masterclass!

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